These are the Sayings of Kabolobari

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192. To Joke
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There’s really no
     such thing as a joke.
To joke is make reality
painful less.

189. Your Faith
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Let not the world
     determine your faith.
But decide
     the fate of the world
with your faith.

186. Read This
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So, “write” and “right"
     sound the same, right?
I bet you couldn’t know
which I said first, no?
Well, read this.

185. Em
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Be ready to fail
     at life...
If it doesn’t kill you
     then you can
do it again.

184. Hmm...
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If he is a boy
     Man is his name.
But if he’s a girl

183. Above All
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Keep secrets
     that hurt none.
But tell the lies
     that don’t.

Above all tell
     the truth.

182. Hearts Shapes
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As for heart shapes,
     heart shapes are
But love, love, love, eh,
     who can find?

179. They dug me.
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They dug me.
     They got their want.
They left me empty.

Because they
     left me empty,
water filled me.

Now they come
     for my water.
They can have it.

178. Be Deep
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Never get grouchy
     about them. For

in them are things
     to learn. Indeed,
     disappointments can
be deep.

177. Tell-a-phone
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Little coincidence
     telephone rhymes with
It’s what we do there--
     tell a phone.

168. Government Has
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Government has
     bulldozers, we have
Problem with the latter is
the former swallows all
     and groans louder.  

160. A Storyteller of Pain
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There was a storyteller
     of pain in my head. 
And she had a world
     all of her own. 

And she pulled me
     with her into there. 
That world was

156. Former Humans
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You can turn a human
     into a machine. 
We have former humans. 
But you can't make
     a machine human. 
No former machines. 

154. Many & Any
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     isn't sex with one. 
To the extent it's sex at all,
     it's with many...
with any. 

153. Naming the Planets
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They named the planets
     by their gods. 
The few they found by 
the few they made. 

The little things they
     found wandering...
have taken deistic

152. To Play Is Art
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You've played the game so well you think you're good. You got the art. You got the talent. But not the science. 

The science is the reason you have fun. The reason we have fun, the fans cheer. 

Let the coach take care of the science. Because science is only best done from the outside looking in. Or from the inside looking out. 

But you with the art have only to play. Though in the inside. But you won't be needing to look out quite much, except to hear your coach. 

To play is art;
     to direct science. 
game fun. 

151. The Former
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To give is to receive;
     to make to take. 
But much better to
     be the former. 

150. To Be President
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To be president--
     US, UK, U anything--
is to be Cain--
Kill, smile
     at dinner about it--
Why, am I my brother's keeper?
Of course, not!

149. Fun & None
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To be friends is
     to share the same ideas
     of fun. 
Same ideas of

148. Cain Did
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About 3,000 years ago, 
     a man by the name of Cain 
understood death meant. 


End life. 
End Abel. 

Silence, Abel!
Silent Abel!

Was he wrong? 
About death,
I mean. 

147. The Ministory
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"Your face. 

"It'd never have betrayed all the secrets your mind sought. To keep. That had to be kept. 


"But, as do all faces, it’s stuck with two eyes. Two eyes you couldn't shut.”...

He pulled the trigger. 

146. Yesterday's Gone
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Instructions from mothers. 
Word on the streets. 
A film. Or two. 

A poem? Or few?
Blockbuster Hollywoods. 
We've learned to watch. 

We've learned to hear. 
We've learned to listen. 
We've learned to follow. 
Through. But a poem? 

Yesterday's gone.

145. Wind Nowhere
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East and West 
     take turns 
who to take 
who to give 
     the wind 
     they get from 

144. Death's Thing
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I can't be aware of 
     what peace I got (do we?) 
when I die. 

As much as I'd love to. 
I could say, phew, at last!
But I can't (do we?).

Then what's the point 
     in dying at all? 
O, it's death's thing.

142. Full of Life
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We're only as full of life
     as we think we are. 
For we're all at the
     end of it. 

141. American Dream
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The problem with America is
     the American Dream.
It is all the problem with
the rest of the world. 

140. Two Reasons
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Never say
     "She passed away,"
     when you can say

Because for one, you
     are sure of the latter
     but not of the

Two, the latter is
     shorter and should be
     easier to

139. Contemplating Home
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Are you serious,
     it's taken me 35
     years to turn 35!
And I could have 35
     more to hit 70. 
Such a long time
to be man!

137. Half Windows
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They will build 
     their homes with
     half windows.
Full "window" for light,
half wind.

133. What Is Possible
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It's not possible for
     one person to listen
to everyone.

But it's possible for
     everybody to listen
to everyone.

131. Small Toil
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It's called toilet,
     for it is small. 
Not the bowl
nor the room. 

But the toil
Small, short. 

129. A Plot of Fingers
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     I'm hungry. 

     Let's go steal!

     What if we're caught?

     We will escape!

     Count me out. I'm not
     one of you!

128. It
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If it has to happen
     I don't want to be 
aware of it. 

I don't want to know
     it happened
or how it did.

Let it just happen
     when and let
it be. Did it?

125. Cucumber Skin
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What if all the healing
     you're needing were
     locked away in the oil
     of cucumber skin?
Well, now you know!

122. Repetition Abuse
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Repetition is the
     skill we learn first. 
It's our best skill, too. 
Then, too, it is the
     skill we abuse most. 
Our worst thing to do. 

121. Slow Time
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If you don't want time to move
     look at it,
the clock. 

Yes, the second hand will
     be moving,
always does. 

But the other hands will
seem not. 

120. Chew. More slow
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That chewing for your gut's
     sake may not be boring,
     God has put a tongue in
     your mouth. Chew.
More slow.

119. Calm Notice
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In a noisy evening market,
     the calm seller is the
     most noticed.
She sells the most, too. 

118. Name v. You
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The world doesn't want you,
they want your name.
But don't go getting one
That is hardly you.

117. She Said, He Said
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She said, I will
     look forward to my man. 
But not depend on him. 

He says, I will
     look forward to my woman. 
But not depend on her. 

115. Man Enough
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"I killed myself to prove
     I'm man enough!"

He wrote that?

O, the Bible --
     "better is a live dog
than a dead lion."

111. The Tree
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Man can't create desire,
     and has not.
All desires are great and
come from God.

Man can create fulfillment,
     and has always.
All fulfillments are great if
they keep God's ways.

110. The Quadrinity
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You've gone past 
     a trinity now.
You have a body, a brain,
     a mind, and you.
And you are in control
     of all three.

109. Do Sex
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Since sex is no sweet wine,
     I do it with my senses intact.
Not to say that I lose all tact
when I to the other recline.

108. Up to You
Jump to 108. Up to You

If it's up to your mind
    you'll be sitting.
If it's up to its brain
you'll be sleeping.

Now who is it up to
     if it's up to you?

106. Technology and Emotion
Jump to 106. Technology and Emotion

Every inch into
    technology is one inch off
your emotion.
technology and emotion
are incompatible.

103. Dear Shepherd
Jump to 103. Dear Shepherd

Shepherd, keep no more sheep
    than you can count.
If one went missing how'd you
     tell its amount?

101. Read Write
Jump to 101. Read Write

It's not the right worry
of people who don't read,
they're not the ones
for whom you write.

99. Politically Correct
Jump to 99. Politically Correct

It takes a bed
    to know we're still
    man and woman.
Man and woman.

But how costly
     beds are these days,
     how costly beds are.
These days.

98. Sow Love
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Never think of how much you know
    and how far it could take you.
Only think how much love to sow,
how high it will make you.

97. Good & Evil
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The battle of good and evil
    is not witnessed, but imagined.
For it takes place in the heart--
somewhere around heaven.

And yet the victor or victim
cannot be told on the face.
But the holder of the heart
    and owner of heaven knows.

96. Out of Babylon
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You weren't sent to Babylon
     to touch anything you see.
But that you may see
     that Babylon used to be.

95. A Good Story
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Because a good movie
     leaves you nothing to imagine.
I always love a good story.

92. Made of Holes
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If all you see on the plate
     is the hole in the donut
that's all you might have. 

Because donuts are made
     with holes, of holes, and
will always have a hole. No?

90. More or Less
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Make it your aim
     not to write fast,
     not to write slow. 

Make it your aim
     not to read fast,
     not to read slow. 

Make it your aim
     not to write or read
     as much as you can. 

Make it your aim
     not to write or read
     as less as you can. 

But as much as 
     you find is needed
     to change your world. 

Or as less as
     you find is necessary
     to change the world.

89. Mind Debt
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The mind was made
    to heal your body.
But when the latter
    forgoes the former
    or refuses to sustain it,
both die.
The mind is first
    to die, the body

87. Eat Me. Eat Me
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If you have peeled 
     your banana it will point
toward you. 

It will say only one
     more thing to you--
eat me, eat me.

86. Life Companion III
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Because it grew
    too fast, it aged faster.
Even faster, old me.

The cancer grew
     too fast, sorry master.
You died before me!

85. A Point, Points, and a Line
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East is not a point,
     but an area.
And as an area it
     touches West.

Where it touches West
     is a point, points, 
     and a line, a border.
A borderline.

84. Bragging Rights
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Nee a doo bee
     bia wee yeregue lo.
E bia wee gbora lo e.

He who will do evil
     does not brag ahead of it.
Nor let it be a bother.

83. Hacker Generation
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Let a strong password
     not make you feel secure.
But a caring not whether
     or whether not
you're hacked.

80. Mind Home
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Not everyone rocking
    at the club
is there for rock.

If you should know what
     or whom they won't
return home to!

Where "home" is their

79. A Brain Apart
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The brain does not
     make sense
in pleasure.

  1. It does not make sense.

  2. It doesn't want to.

  3. It can't listen.

The brain won't listen
to the mind
in pleasure.

78. No Messy Minds
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A messy mind
     likes everything.
But everything 
     can't be liked.

So there are no
     messy minds.

Then everything
     can be liked.
Because there are
no messy minds.

75. Impossible Questions
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Do we cry for the dead
     or for our own miss?
Do we feel pity
     for the dead or for us,
     our own loss?
Does a dead lose their life
or we a life?

74. To Be Heard
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Write (yes, tell) every story
     as if it'll never be read.
A story is to be heard,
     not read.

73. Finding Eve
Jump to 73. Finding Eve

Goodness comes
Like Adam waking
     with a start and
finding Eve. 

71. Robinson Crusoe
Jump to 71. Robinson Crusoe

My beef with knowledge
     is it makes powerful people
     insulting unawares. 
And stupid, powerless. 
Knowledge is its own

68. Undo Button
Jump to 68. Undo Button

Life doesn't have an
     undo button
for being unfair.

It wants to be taken
     more seriously than
a game of solitaire.

67. Alarm Song
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You'll come to hate
     whatever sound or song
you set as alarm song. 

Because man does not
     need alarm to wake up, 
nor be used to one. 

66. For Everything
Jump to 66. For Everything

Thank God for
But don't get 
Get disappointed
     but don't be

63. Timidity
Jump to 63. Timidity

The children weren't
     brought up to be used to
     older ones, only

60. Endowment
Jump to 60. Endowment

Life comes down to
    what you like to do. 
And that is your talent,
     who you are, too.

59. What God Is Fond Of
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Your prayer is as powerful
     as you're convinced it is

But it doesn't work just
     because you're convinced,
     you believe. 

God wants to show fondness
     for your conviction. 

58. Better Off
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You're better off
     covering two few books twice
     than four once in a lifetime. 
Two few good books. 

57. To Throw Things
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Throw things at life
     or it will throw things at you. 
Because to live is both
     to throw things
and to not.

56. No Songbird
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Had she spent more
     time thinking than singing
     she would've sang better. 
For she was a woman,
     not a songbird. 

50. Image Problem
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The women agreed
     with themselves, quite
     satisfactorily, "we don't have
     image problem!"
Image problem isn't 
     manifest, it can only
     be confessed. 

49. To Pray
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Prayer holds its power
     in its secrecy, its quiet,
     its no-telling the other. 
To pray is to withdraw. 

48. Worry or Not
Jump to 48. Worry or Not

The living worries
about what the dead is
unaware of.

Because to live
is to worry, or so
we thought.

47. Neither Pray Nor Quarrel
Jump to 47. Neither Pray Nor Quarrel

Since the kid couldn't tell
     when they were praying
     from how they quarreled...
She'd rather not quarrel 
     with their God. 
She'd rather not pray
     nor quarrel. 

44. To Hurt Is Human
Jump to 44. To Hurt Is Human

Try not to hurt
     anyone, but not 
afraid to hurt. 

Because to hurt is human,
     to heal, too, so to
hurt can't matter.

39. Farming and Village
Jump to 39. Farming and Village

We went to school
     that we may escape 
     farming and village. 

We didn't go to school
     to revolutionize 
     farming and village. 
We could've. 

36. Missing Smoke
Jump to 36. Missing Smoke

Don't tell people
     what'll happen to them
if they don't stop smoking.
Show them
     what'll happen for them
if they stop smoking.

35. Time: Sex
Jump to 35. Time: Sex

We don't hide
     to sex.
We go into
     a private room.
Sex is private,
not a secret.

31. This Death
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My beef with death 
     is that we don't miss
     anyone there, no dear!
Maybe that's why people
     hate it, this death!

28. We Won't Part
Jump to 28. We Won't Part

They're proud of
     what belongs to them,
     telling you, "say this, say that."
But those saying that
     are sounding better, being
enjoyed even better. 

25. After Audience
Jump to 25. After Audience

Don't start with an audience,
     or you'll wait forever. 
Start after an audience, 
win it forever. 

23. Till Death
Jump to 23. Till Death

It's a folly to
     vouch for a man's 
     rectitude before he's died.
You can find out. 

21. With Understanding
Jump to 21. With Understanding

If you have not read
     others with understanding
     you cannot read yourself so.
With understanding.

19. Then?
Jump to 19. Then?

Don't think
     it's difficult.
Ask if you must
     do it. 

14. Private Figures
Jump to 14. Private Figures

Some of us have
     chosen what we have long
     longed for--to be private figure.
We are private figures.

11. Three of One
Jump to 11. Three of One

These are the three 
     in me (of me?). 

One wants to,
     one doesn't and fights
that wants to. 

The third just
     doesn't know, with silence
confusing to both. 

9. Get a Name
Jump to 9. Get a Name

He was named
     David to be
like that one. 

Who did Jesse
     have in mind to so
name that one?

7. Whole Notes
Jump to 7. Whole Notes

The notes
     that hold the soul
     are in no hurry
     to drop it. 
They hold on...

6. Not by Magic
Jump to 6. Not by Magic

It's safer to be
     ignorant than 
believe in magic. 

There's hope to
     get out of the former
than survive the latter. 

Silence is golden