These are the Sayings of Kabolobari

Life Companion in Sayings

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Title Piece

518. Seriously?
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He said he's
A former word 
     for happy.
That it's now
     illegal socially
     to lambaste 
     male on male.
Happy now?

515. In the Car
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The young woman
     didn't know what to think
     where to go with the car.
All the time
     it was how she'd look in it,
how she'd be seen,
be taken.

512. Cucumber Sugar
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The sugar in
     cucumber will do
It, too, is
     sweet as the ants
w'd say. 

511. Blurred Lines
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Nigeria couldn't
The people couldn't--
     they couldn't tell
one from other.

509. Millions of Them
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     places your brand 
     in front of eyes-- 
millions of them. 

     places your brand 
     in minds, still--
millions of them.

508. That. They
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It's not music
It's religion--
     their gods
     their stars.
They know
that. They.

503. When?
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Is it also glutinous 
     to want to cover 110 books
 a year but 1?

499. Trip to Troll
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The longest trip
     a man will take will be
     within, his soul. 

It'll be the most
     rewarding, too, should 
     it be his life's troll. 

497. Close Your Eyes
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You can hear a poem
     with the eyes open. 
And read one, too. 

But to listen to a poem,
     you must close your eyes. 
See every syllable. 

496. Push-up Everyday
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Self-control is a muscle,
     but it isn't formed 
     by daily push-ups. 
Ok, daily push-ups on
     the good habits.

495. I Didn't
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If you looked at my teeth
     you'd agree I stopped smoking. 
I didn't. 

No, not that I didn't
     but that I never did. 
No, I didn't. 

492. Grow Slow
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The quicker you grow
     the much closer to death
     you go, so
grow slow.

489. Private Parts
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When they wore
     only very thin clothing,
     they told you,
"Look, these sex organs
     are on, not in, the body."

486. When They Prayed
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You see, they flogged
     the one kid for not closing
     the eyes
when they prayed.

But didn't wonder
     what the other kid thought
     with eyes shut
when they prayed.

482. Several Deaths
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When you sleep,
     you take nothing with you; 
     yet awake refreshed,

Don't ask 'why;' 
     you know 'why,'
     you do.

481. Wheels
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Reinventing the wheel
     might fetch you a heart attack.
Riding the wrong wheel?
     man, that's certain death!

480. Heat Up
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Ginger raw is
     making garlic
     more palatable.
Mightn't God have
made them so?

479. Prophesy or Prophecy?
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It's easy to prophesy,
I can look at you through
     a crystal ball and say,
"will happen."

What I'm not sure
How to make that
     happen that I said "will,"

478. Full Stops
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God creates woman,
     man commodifies her.
Woman like an apple brand,
     so most of 'em prefer.

476. Any Idea
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An idea is only as unique
     as your unawareness of it.
Then it's old again.

473. My Evernote
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The bearer of the womb 
     that brought me here
     and the sharers of the same womb
     will never know anything about me,
     except through research.
They can research my

472. Every Woman
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Every woman
     costs money.

Whether you spend cash
     on her or not.

Whether she spends cash
     on you or not.

Every woman
     costs money.

466. Small Poem
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"Why am I dying
     when I've worked so hard
to live?"

He cannot know
     he asked that question,

The look on his face,
     when he had one, though,
said so.

463. Soberstry
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Mindfulness is
     listening to a soberstry
     without scratching a single itch,
might take a whole hour.

462. Accept Approve
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To accept a point of view
     is to grasp a story.
One comes before
     the other.

To grasp a story is not
     to approve its account.
One decides on
     the latter.

458. Snatched By
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Christianity didn't 
     spread to Europe.
It was snatched by Europeans
     slavery got a new tool,
perfect one.

457. The Business Called Africa
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Africa used to be
     Europe's business.
They had their c-suites.

Now Africa is
     Africans' business.
They have their c-suites.

456. Most People
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     nothing most people
     will do for you
     should not prevent
doing a lot for
most people.

455. The Backpacker
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God made man
     that she may take
     only a limited space
on their earth.

453. It Can Be Brief
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Not the length
     of the story
     that makes it true,
that tells it.

But the story itself
     makes it true,
     tells it--

452. Rhyming to Renew
Jump to 452. Rhyming to Renew

Don't reinvent 
     the wheel,
it takes too long!

And it's a hurt that
     won't heal
no matter the song.

449. Facebook Isn't
Jump to 449. Facebook Isn't

Facebook is not
It was you Zuckerberg
     chose to sell
     to be billionaire.

448. Howdy?
Jump to 448. Howdy?

Everyone has time
     to say, "good morning."
Only a few, though,
     to ask, "howdy?"

447. Your Teacher Is
Jump to 447. Your Teacher Is

Your teacher is
     not one that teaches you
     to do.

Your teacher is
     the thinking you do
     while doing.

Your teacher is
     giving to you to do that
     which you must do.

446. The Old Man and His Tea
Jump to 446. The Old Man and His Tea

"If you think
     the same things you think 
     when taking your medicine,
     when taking tea, you'll be well.

Great thing is, you're well
     by just being natural,
     by just taking tea,
     an awesome story to tell."

444. Lessons from a Former Sister
Jump to 444. Lessons from a Former Sister

An over-entertained mother
     cannot educate her children,
or interact with them.
She can only have them
     entertained, really,

441. Eyes Open
Jump to 441. Eyes Open

With your eyes closed
     you can see whatever you desire;
     perhaps, have it too.
We're out of the womb now
     and must keep our eyes
open. Unfortunate?

440. Stupid People
Jump to 440. Stupid People

There's no
     stupid questions,
just stupid people.
And they never ask
     stupid questions,
being stupid people.

438. The Amazon
Jump to 438. The Amazon

The Amazon is
With every river
     it competes.
But remains
one river.

437. A Weak Point
Jump to 437. A Weak Point

The suspecting mind
     cannot risk 
being detected.

The hidden mind
     doesn't want to
give itself away.

434. To Get a Job
Jump to 434. To Get a Job

You don't leave LinkedIn
     after you get a job.
Because if you want to
     get a job you always 
want to get a job.

432. Tea Froth
Jump to 432. Tea Froth

Tea holds its froth
     longer than beer.
It's strength, too,
     not to intoxicate,     
to detoxicate.

431. Tomorrow Sun
Jump to 431. Tomorrow Sun

No one's ever sure
     of the sun coming 

They say they are
     because they believe, 
not that they know.

430. The Industry
Jump to 430. The Industry

When everybody is
     the industry leader,
the industry isn't led.
When no one leads
     the industry,
the industry's fully led.

429. Home Is a Choice
Jump to 429. Home Is a Choice

If you didn't 
     pick where you can call 
     home yourself,
     you have lived someone else's life
     all this time.
And died 
     doing so, too bad!

428. Allegory on Being Well
Jump to 428. Allegory on Being Well

The old man, bent double, suddenly collapsed and fell upon his walking stick.

"Dead," proclaimed passersby.

When the neighbors picked up what remained of him and buried it, we frowned to each other, "whew, how we'll miss his fondest words, 'you can talk yourself out of hospital bed always.'"

427. Don't think
Jump to 427. Don't think

Don't think 
     about your business.
Think about
     your customers.
Your customers
     will think about
your business.

425. So Aside
Jump to 425. So Aside

You cannot
     heal the world,
     or kill it.
Damn, you can 
     kill your self,

424. Born in Nigeria
Jump to 424. Born in Nigeria

To live
     is to sacrifice.
To die
     to pay the ultimate price of 
     the falsest birth
on planet earth.

422. Turine
Jump to 422. Turine

Tea had to
     look like urine,
(and act like?)

It's the incretion
     of the excretion
that we may live.

420. Nature wanna sleep
Jump to 420. Nature wanna sleep

Nature wanna

Then the latter
     when the former
retires, dies.

419. Being Stupid
Jump to 419. Being Stupid

Brain don't wanna
     be bothered with stuff.
Won't chew you for
     stupid, stupid!

416. Becoming Famous
Jump to 416. Becoming Famous

To be heard
     over the chaos of me-me-me noise,
     you don't get a loud-hailer.
Perhaps, a louder hailer.
You keep quiet.

415. Find. Function
Jump to 415. Find. Function

Fun + 
     action =

Never read
     for fun.
     for action.

If you read
     for fun

414. Life Companion II
Jump to 414. Life Companion II

The miracle
     I yearned scared me
     each time I thought
I got it.

With life companion 
     I lived, or
     didn't, I
couldn't know. 

413. Wine or Tea?
Jump to 413. Wine or Tea?

The choice of wine
     over tea
     is man's fault,
     not God's.
Not wine's, not tea's.

410. Three Reasons
Jump to 410. Three Reasons

There's three reasons you
     go to a doctor.

  1. You're afraid.

  2. You can explain.

  3. You're taken there.

None these three were
     available to me.

409. If Whitney Houston
Jump to 409. If Whitney Houston

If Whitney Houston
     had the dream I had 
     yesterday night,
     Earth would have one more hit
     to enjoy.

407. What the Devil Wants
Jump to 407. What the Devil Wants

If you want to
     change the world
don't have your world.
But the Devil wants you
     to rule your world,
not change the world.

404. You. You
Jump to 404. You. You

Have myriad
     people to learn from,
     fewer to teach.
Perhaps, one:
you. You.

401. Dying
Jump to 401. Dying

If dying were
     as physical as death,
     death would come

400. Your Coke
Jump to 400. Your Coke

Woman, ah,
     you should've been selling
Who's going to buy
     your Coke! 

398. Anybody Can
Jump to 398. Anybody Can

Any locality can claim
     to be "the cradle of civilization."
Because civilization is
     whatever anybody says it is. 

397. Movie Theater
Jump to 397. Movie Theater

A movie theater
     is where we go after work
     for enjoyment.

And some of you say,
     "no, that's home!"
     "I got home theater, after all."

Sure, you can go home
     and watch the evening news
     and spend time with family.

But where you go 
     to enjoy is the cinema,
     and you can go home afterward.

A movie theater
     is where you go after work
     for enjoyment. 

395. Called Ad
Jump to 395. Called Ad

Even in your own
     sales brochure,
     you got to be careful
     how you advertise. 
Or else you'll be lost. 

391. Undumbed
Jump to 391. Undumbed

If you're the dumbest
     person in the room,
     you're in the right room. 
Come out smarter,

386. In Those Days
Jump to 386. In Those Days

     bought generators--
     and used them--
     as if they were competing
     with NEPA.
Sorry, PHCN.

384. Blank Song
Jump to 384. Blank Song

The song
     done blank,
     left blank, will
stay blank.

But has a filling 
     for the mind.
A place on
the playlist.

381. Mango Tree
Jump to 381. Mango Tree

This mango
     tree--filled with fruits.
Ripe mangoes.

If I climb
     this tree, I'll come back.
With some fruits.

It's how
     I love it--to climb
and come back. 

There is a tree--
     maybe a mango,
maybe not, I don't know. 

It's over there,
     filled with fruits,
ripe mangoes, figs.

380. Likely Yellow
Jump to 380. Likely Yellow

We needed not to know
     the color of Abacha's eyes
     to detest him.
It was likely yellow.

377. War Song
Jump to 377. War Song

I am convinced
     that neither religion
nor politics causes war. 
But the religion of
     politics as well as the
politics of religion does. 

372. That Morning Sun
Jump to 372. That Morning Sun

Their moms hated
     that they had to go to farm. 
They can't let their kids
     do that, no way!

The sun they caught,
     these kids won't. 
No, they're indoors watching
     breakfast television. 

368. Earth Call
Jump to 368. Earth Call

Earth, earth,...
There's one more call
     you must answer
     then be no more. 
I will be told. 

367. Undrunk
Jump to 367. Undrunk

Collect your own
The abundance of water
     does not make drinkards,
     no one drinks passed
     their demands
of thirst.

365. In London
Jump to 365. In London

     I could just sleep right now
     and see myself in London.
     you can.
Just go sleep.

364. From Behind
Jump to 364. From Behind

The shepherd 
     doesn't lead the sheep
     from the front,
from behind. 
No, the shepherd
     doesn't drive the sheep,
     leads them,
from behind.

363. The Wicked
Jump to 363. The Wicked

The wicked thrive
     that you may love God
     for what you have,
     not what you don't.
Not what they have.

362. Edenity
Jump to 362. Edenity

Our rooms
     will have no stomach
     for food
     were we to eat 7 servings
     of fruits and veggies a day.
But, what is food?

361. Write
Jump to 361. Write

You're judged 
     by what they thought
     they heard, not by
what you said. 

360. The Rats
Jump to 360. The Rats

Don't be like the rats—
     always hiding, even
     in their own

358. Afterward
Jump to 358. Afterward

We know what
     happens to the dead
     no more than they know
     what happened to them,
     or is happening to us.
How could we?

355. That Day
Jump to 355. That Day

Everybody has one day
     in a year, and
     it's not their birthday. 

That day's so crucial
     we're not aware 
     it came that day. 

Well, we weren't aware
     of our birthday either. 
O, someone told us. 

354. Shebird
Jump to 354. Shebird

Happens too
     in their world.
Sometimes they just don't
     want it!

353. Never Became
Jump to 353. Never Became

It belongs to Nigeria
     to misunderstand "Nigerians."
Because the latter 
     never became.

351. XY
Jump to 351. XY

In those days
     the men thought about 
     the marriage.
The women 
the wedding.

350. Flat 6
Jump to 350. Flat 6

How can you think
     when you're not writing?
How can you write
not thinking?

348. The End
Jump to 348. The End

You slow down
     not the world,
Faster is the way
it ends that has life.

347. Look Left
Jump to 347. Look Left

You need
     to look left, look right,
     before you cross.
But you must cross,
     or look left, look right
and never do.

346. Lash Tension
Jump to 346. Lash Tension

"We have worked
     so hard to make 
     your eyes look good."
Or kill them for good.

340. Broken Scripts
Jump to 340. Broken Scripts

A lifetime of
     broken scripts
     is the full story somewhere.
You must find
     and fit all
the pieces.

338. My Birthday
Jump to 338. My Birthday

Who deserves the drink
     when I'm 100?
Who got it 
     when I was zero?
That was my birthday.

337. Undead
Jump to 337. Undead

     another people found God
     and brought him by,

334. How to Be
Jump to 334. How to Be

People should be
     proud to be
paid to be.

324. Mirror Didn't
Jump to 324. Mirror Didn't

If the mirror
     would've shown me
     what was killing me,
     I'd not die
when I did, perhaps.
It didn't—I did.

322. Tunisia Fire
Jump to 322. Tunisia Fire

One guy dies
     for the good 
of country.
Who she is,
     no one knows
till she does.

320. Like You
Jump to 320. Like You

If businesses come 
     to social media like you—
     to share, not to sell, 
they'll sell more.
Social media—
Not marketplace.

319. Those Days
Jump to 319. Those Days

And in those days,
     the parents
     boasted about their kids.
They said, "she can't
     do the dishes."
"No he can't. 
He can't sweep
the floor..."

318. Former Masters
Jump to 318. Former Masters

     used to be called slaves.
They had their masters,
     and to "employ" is to "use."
They have their bosses.

317. People Who Are Small
Jump to 317. People Who Are Small

People who are
overinflates them.
So, they
     their small 

316. Unsexy
Jump to 316. Unsexy

I know adults
     can say "his idea's sexy,"
     but kids shouldn't.
But can they hear
     it's sexy?

315. Own Backyard
Jump to 315. Own Backyard

You can't fear 
     a thing when in 
     your own backyard.
Except what 
     you want to fear.
Which is hardly near.

314. The Spotlight
Jump to 314. The Spotlight

Be careful
     of the spotlight.
Far too many
     have been
beyond recovery.

313. Childcohol
Jump to 313. Childcohol

Like a child
     nothing's wrong
     with alcohol.
And like a child
     everything's wrong
     with abuse.

306. Name Song
Jump to 306. Name Song

There's a
     that won't sing
     unless they let you know
     they are singing.

300. He Didn't Have to
Jump to 300. He Didn't Have to

When my brother died,
     there was one
     person that wouldn't cry.

Not that he was happy,
     or cruel, (loving the calm?)
     but he didn't have to.

No, he didn't have to.

299. Be a Sink
Jump to 299. Be a Sink

There is someone  
     we each need to have—
     a sink of bad moods.

We're all sinks
     of bad moods,
     but choose our sources.

We're all sources
     of bad moods,
     but choose our sinks.

Find your sink—be a sink.

298. Crisis
Jump to 298. Crisis

Living to be 100,
     I've postponed midlife crisis
     to 50.
If I'm not old enough
     to take what comes then as

295. Bored Beef
Jump to 295. Bored Beef

My beef
     with sickness
     is not the pain it brings.
It's the boredom it rings
     me in.

293. Orgasm
Jump to 293. Orgasm

     good thing
     that is wished away when it has to

292. Those who orgasm
Jump to 292. Those who orgasm

     wouldn't come so easy...
And yet it
     has to

290. Pete's Sake
Jump to 290. Pete's Sake

There's no
Or sales.
Or marketing.

There's only
     my buddy
And all he desires. 

289. Untedium
Jump to 289. Untedium

You can't hope
     she loves you.
Or wish he did.
But you can
who does.

287. Add Sugar
Jump to 287. Add Sugar

     if we had to make it
     we had to add
Add sugar.

280. Unsuck
Jump to 280. Unsuck

There's no
     good or bad idea.
There's only
     problems worth solving,
solutions worth trying.

277. Need v. Desire
Jump to 277. Need v. Desire

There's only one
     difference between
need and desire.
Same as 2 and 1.
One has to
come first.

276. Jollof
Jump to 276. Jollof

No matter 
     how much sauce
     you mix with white rice
     it can never be
Or like it.
Nor does anyone
     bleach jollof.

274. Car Speed
Jump to 274. Car Speed

They will
     the speed of the earth.
But refuse to accept
     someone is driving 
the car.

271. Ever Kid
Jump to 271. Ever Kid

We can't 
     do it
     we can show
someone else
we can.

265. Difficulty Truth
Jump to 265. Difficulty Truth

The difficulty
     with truth
     is not in
understanding it.
The difficulty
     with truth
     is choosing to
understand it.

262. From Adam
Jump to 262. From Adam

None of us
     knows Adam.
Nor have to;
     nor will.
Nor can we 
     anyone from Adam.
Nor do we
     have to.

259. Expedience
Jump to 259. Expedience

It doesn't
     take a class
     to learn anything.
But it does
     take one
     to make learning     

255. For Effect
Jump to 255. For Effect

     your voice
     for effect.
Not to hide
     a defect.
Or turn it

252. Taken Seriously
Jump to 252. Taken Seriously

     keeps its promises.
     is taken seriously.

250. Let men have it
Jump to 250. Let men have it

Music used to be
     an art form,
     a beautiful fiction.
And God saw that it was good.
God let man have it.
Then men took it
     and made it business,
     a lucrative fashion.
And God saw that it was good?
God let men have it.

249. Devil Wins
Jump to 249. Devil Wins

     is using your brother
     to tempt you.
Your best friend.
You can't
     believe it.
You won't. Why?
It's why
they're winning.

246. Needs
Jump to 246. Needs

     of needs
     is enemy 
     of cohabitation.

245. The Rest of the Best
Jump to 245. The Rest of the Best

He chose 
     the best chapter
     and gave me
as free taste.

I'm wanting 
     the rest.
The best.

If he thought
     I'd gotten the best
     and wouldn't want the rest,
     let him know
     I'm wanting the rest
because I got the best.

You gave me the best, now
give me the rest of the best.

244. Music v. Noise
Jump to 244. Music v. Noise

Every step you take  
     toward someone 
is noise. 
Every step you take 
     for someone 

243. Be a Woman
Jump to 243. Be a Woman

Be a woman,
     not a pair of breasts.
Not a high hip,
not a shrunken torso,
     big behind,
long legs...

242. Dark Object
Jump to 242. Dark Object

When you're about to
     if you live
     long enough to know,
     you become a dark object
     floating in light.
The dark object
     is in front of you
     a little longer.

241. Covered
Jump to 241. Covered

Your sins are
     when you die.
     that killed you.

240. Onblivion
Jump to 240. Onblivion

You do not know
     they're saying about you.
I would not either.
But like they're saying is
     how I liked to die,
in strength.

235. What the Devil wants
Jump to 235. What the Devil wants

God gives man talent;
     Devil gets the credit.
How can she possibly
     come from the Devil
     with all that voice,
     all that rhythm?
It's what the Devil

But she hasn't seen 
     the Devil.
Nor God himself.
It's neither God
     nor the Devil.
It's just man,
     and it's just what the Devil
Thank God.

234. What's Hidden
Jump to 234. What's Hidden

We don't dis-
     cover any thing.
We uncover a lot.
We will a lot more,
     not getting rid of the cover,
     but revealing
what's hid-

233. Because a Girl
Jump to 233. Because a Girl

Because a girl
     dreams of a man
     to cook breakfast for,
     a boy dreams of a woman 
     to cook him breakfast.
But breakfast
     is no man's job.

232. Somebody Will
Jump to 232. Somebody Will

Every being
     knows they'll be praised
     when they
That is,
     somebody will!

228. Patience
Jump to 228. Patience

Our mothers
     picked patience
     cooking pulses,
the kitchen.
They found
     the miracle of
     the wood stove,
the eyes eating.

226. He Lived Again
Jump to 226. He Lived Again

He endured
     because he couldn't
Because no one would.
No, not because he 
     to live again.
He lived again.

225. Products of
Jump to 225. Products of

We're the products of
     our own conclusions. 
It's why we live,
     how we die. 

223. Peacock Fiction
Jump to 223. Peacock Fiction

The peacock is a fan of 
     shimmering iridescence 
     to court. 
Display on purpose,
     not show-off.

222. Honeymade
Jump to 222. Honeymade

Keeping bees
     is humble,
for peasantry.
But honey
     is delicacy
for the king.

219. Drawing Breath
Jump to 219. Drawing Breath

"Draw breath."
Too deliberate
     a description of
     what we do without thought.
But there's some
     right this moment
     doing exactly that—
     drawing breath.
     then are no 
Give thanks.

217. To Someone
Jump to 217. To Someone

The sweetness
     of a poem
     not from reading,
     but hearing,
     listening to its reading,
     reading to someone.
Someone hearing,

216. The Way of Man
Jump to 216. The Way of Man

I used to
     this poem 
I don't
     seem to
I'll just start

214. Wisdom in Eve
Jump to 214. Wisdom in Eve

God did 
There had to be

213. Want to
Jump to 213. Want to

It's not people
     that have
     that help.
It's people 
     that want to.

212. The Question Why
Jump to 212. The Question Why

Were you not
     trained to
     ask a different question?
Well, now 
     you've been told to.
Always ask

211. Call It Soft
Jump to 211. Call It Soft

Was that Adam
     or God?
They just called it
But for man to willingly
     drink poison
     he must
call it soft.

210. Aborigine
Jump to 210. Aborigine

they're called
     if spared,
     if missed. 
Left behind. 
Earth had
to be filled. 

208. Self v. Member
Jump to 208. Self v. Member

God democracy
     placed self
    center universe.
But a society
     is not of self,

207. The Altar of Time
Jump to 207. The Altar of Time

Everything now
     up in smokes
     the altar of time,
left will be one
Or two—
     love and labor.
Labor, love
the human race.

205. Eye Bags
Jump to 205. Eye Bags

When the brain
     will not sleep,
     eyes take the blame.
They make up
for with bags.

204. Differences
Jump to 204. Differences

Pay attention
to differences.
Not similarities.
That you may love
     that you too
are different.

203. The Last Happiness
Jump to 203. The Last Happiness

When not even
     your bladder is
     in the way
     nine to five each every night,
     you have unlocked
     the only happiness

202. Fable v. Novel
Jump to 202. Fable v. Novel

When the fable
     you start
When the novel ends,
     you stop.

201. The Family
Jump to 201. The Family

The family
     is neither a democracy
     nor a totalitarianism.
It's just family.

200. Bureaucracy Strong
Jump to 200. Bureaucracy Strong

When the strength
    of the bureaucracy
is the strength
     of the organization,
     the latter never falls.
Never seems to fall.
But where does
the former go?

199. Righteous Evil
Jump to 199. Righteous Evil

     is sustained by
     efficient bureaucracies.
the righteous 

196. Evil Cares
Jump to 196. Evil Cares

Don't  fear evil.
Don't do it either.
The more you fear it
     the worse it'll be.
The less you care
     the less it'll see.

195. Nightmares
Jump to 195. Nightmares

As long as
     the brain sleeps,
     will never
make sense.

194. Split Person
Jump to 194. Split Person

If you create
     a persona
     you become
Person is
     what we ought 
to be. 

193. Hijacked
Jump to 193. Hijacked


191. You Are
Jump to 191. You Are

When you
     are gone,
     all's done.
Not because you
     are no more
     but because you
     don't know
you are. 

189. The Right Stuff
Jump to 189. The Right Stuff

is a fire
that lights up the brain
and melts away its pain.
It comes from reading
the right stuff.

188. Of Characters
Jump to 188. Of Characters

A novel
     is not defined by length. 
But by richness. 
     of themes, of symbols,

187. The Truth
Jump to 187. The Truth

     is the politician's
     nose ring.
But the truth
     the quiet
of the calm.

186. A Politician
Jump to 186. A Politician

A politician
     doesn't see 
     people, institutions.
A master juggler,
     sees objects
     they must keep
     in the air,
     in front of them,
     as they wish.

185. Dwelling on Wants
Jump to 185. Dwelling on Wants

     is what we 
     our minds can tell
     needs from wants.
But continue to
     minds can tell
     needs from wants.
And dwell on 

184. For Sale
Jump to 184. For Sale

     is free.
Always been.
Social conscience
     for sale—

183. Live One
Jump to 183. Live One

We cannot
     a life
     other than the one
     we've been given.
We can only

182. Call It Humor
Jump to 182. Call It Humor

     further need
     do we have for comedians?
Except to put up
     with being put down?
To celebrate up
     from down?

181. Why First Before
Jump to 181. Why First Before

     is not
     your why
     publicity will
     come rushing in.
It's up 
     to you.

180. Dig History
Jump to 180. Dig History

     can show you
     in the most vivid details
     the colors of the clouds
     over Hiroshima.
But cannot
     tell you why or what
     happened in Asano Park.
Read history
     before you
     watch it.
Dig it.

179. Choose Your Crowd
Jump to 179. Choose Your Crowd

You cannot blend
     into a crowd,
     no matter how large,
     even if invited.
Don't go to
     a crowd
you have not chosen.

178. Way to Win
Jump to 178. Way to Win

You cannot
     how to fight.
How to win.
You can only
     to win.
Then fight
     the battle you find
in your way to win.

177. A desire to help
Jump to 177. A desire to help

These days
     we're getting paid
     to teach.
A profession.
But teaching
     from a desire
     to help.

176. Power the religion
Jump to 176. Power the religion

When power
     is the religion,
     the weak is

175. You will be seen
Jump to 175. You will be seen

The amount of
     makeup on you
     is making you more
     a commodity
     than humanity.
You say,
     "Eyes are
meant for seeing."
Good. Good.
You will be seen.

174. To Cut Or Be Caught
Jump to 174. To Cut Or Be Caught

Doing "good"
     around the kids
     isn't hypocritical.
It's practical—
     you're helping them.
Far more helpful
     to kids, though
     is to "catch" you
     at the "bad",

173. A maker of society
Jump to 173. A maker of society

A poet
     is not a
of poems,
a maker of
She's ensuring she's

172. Politics v. Hypocrisy
Jump to 172. Politics v. Hypocrisy

     is a skill
     as much as
is a skill.
You need
     the latter
     to be as adept
at the former.

171. Your impulses
Jump to 171. Your impulses

She's very
That's an approval.
But be careful
     of your impulses—
     they love your friends
more than you.

170. Damn
Jump to 170. Damn

     democracy—the exalted,
the disaster
donned, damn.

169. Plutonium v. Patience
Jump to 169. Plutonium v. Patience

You can
     the war with
But lose
     the battle
     on every front

168. Much the Wiser
Jump to 168. Much the Wiser

You cannot
     flatter a child.
If at all,
     not for long.
With flattery,
     children are
     much the wiser.
Watch, the flattered
ones aren't children.

165. The Minor Majority
Jump to 165. The Minor Majority

     will never
The majority
     that carries the vote
     is the minority
     with money,
all the money.

163. People with Money
Jump to 163. People with Money

Be careful of
     people with money.
Better to remain poor—
     God forbid!—
     than to be an instrument
     in the hands of the rich.
God forbid!

162. Philanthropists
Jump to 162. Philanthropists

     what you wish for...
     ... "philanthropists."
If they go on
     you remain poor.

161. Made Somebody
Jump to 161. Made Somebody

You did not
     in your mother's womb.
But you survived
     those crucial months
     that made you

160. To Waiting
Jump to 160. To Waiting

Get used to
Not as ascetic.
For times when
     you need it.
Your life depends
     on it. No?

159. Personal Branding
Jump to 159. Personal Branding

We have a
     for it.
We call it
     "personal branding."
We have
     the person
     for the persona.
The woman
     for the image.

158. By Some Miracle
Jump to 158. By Some Miracle

You cannot
     train a child
     whose "living" parents
     are too "busy" to.
Or engage it.
     it lets you.
By some miracle.

157. A Woman's World
Jump to 157. A Woman's World

For the sake
     of humanity
     God has made her
     at impulse control
     than him.
     is in the woman.

156. Fathering none
Jump to 156. Fathering none

When the "father"
     brands himself
     he's despising semen,
disowning the family.

155. Arms of Rebellion
Jump to 155. Arms of Rebellion

     the arms
     the child needing
     its parents do not give
     complete is rebellion.

154. Better Parent
Jump to 154. Better Parent

A "bad" child
     running from a
     "bad" parent
     never finds a
     better parent.

153. Let it go.
Jump to 153. Let it go.

     you can do,
     there's yet one last thing
     you can.
Let it go.

152. The Kick They Get
Jump to 152. The Kick They Get

     one is
     born greedy,
For good reasons...

Who isn't now
     comes face to face
     with it every time.

Who is
     denies they are
     while secretly savoring
the kick they get.

151. The Color of Family
Jump to 151. The Color of Family

The color of
     is air.

Everyone should have
     equal dependence,
     equal independence.

Neither in the way
     of differences
     nor needs
     is this.

But smack
     in the way of indifference.
Make every attempt to
     treat each child
     as an individual.
Everyone a pro.

149. An Eyeful a Time
Jump to 149. An Eyeful a Time

The eye's
     of sight     
     is an upturned pyramid.
But those thinking
     about their readers
     when it comes to texts,
     the eyes can only 
     enough within a handbreadth.

148. Born to Suck
Jump to 148. Born to Suck

The nipples
     of a woman's breasts
     are a symbol of

Of love.
Of humanity.
Most Fitting.

From fetus
     to finish line
we never stop sucking.

147. Male is Head
Jump to 147. Male is Head

     is apart from
Yet never forget
     who got questioned.
Whose punishment
     became humankind's.

146. One, Two, or None
Jump to 146. One, Two, or None

No child
     can have two mothers.
Or two fathers.
As none
     needs two, three, four,
     or five parents.
A child
Or none.

145. Fantasy Factory
Jump to 145. Fantasy Factory

     are made
     in the mind.
Well, that's where
     they "live"
     or die.
Live, die.

144. Freed, um, yeah
Jump to 144. Freed, um, yeah

     is not
     a kingdom of
It's the dom of
     people freed from

143. The Thing Down There?
Jump to 143. The Thing Down There?

When it's the man's,
     it's "the thing."
The woman's
     "down there."

If it's a...
     penis is penis.
Vagina vagina.
Tell your children
     what is what
whenever they ask.

142. Find the Former
Jump to 142. Find the Former

It is easier
     to deal with her
     that is different from you
     than her
     that is indifferent to you.
Find the former.

139. The Cheesecake Child
Jump to 139. The Cheesecake Child

     she can hold
     to her mouth herself
     that cheesecake bit...
A cup of warm chocolate...
Asserting herself.
     bringing her
     your breasts or the bottle.
Your touch.
Your time.
Your talk.
Be there.

136. The Last of the Colons
Jump to 136. The Last of the Colons

It's lots of fullstops
     that make
     a story
Use tons of fullstops;
     few commas,
     no colons.

135. Immigrants
Jump to 135. Immigrants


Were there
     no natives?
     they're all
     dead now.

134. You're Lot in Life
Jump to 134. You're Lot in Life

     to look back.
You're not Lot's wife.
Yes, Sodom was
     a mistake.
And now you've picked
But it could be a city
     of refuge.

133. In the Room
Jump to 133. In the Room

     O, what a delight
     just to look at it.
In the room.
On the road
     it's exploitation.

131. Like It Torn
Jump to 131. Like It Torn

O, you tore
     the money...
And you want to
     throw it away?
Give me.
I like it

130. Another Apple
Jump to 130. Another Apple

"Take your apple
     away. Don't want it."


"If my two lower
     premolars didn't become
     so sensitive afterward
     why would I turn down
     another apple?"

     a volumity of words

No, we're not
     turning Satan down—
     that's already settled.
But we must

128. A Country Thing
Jump to 128. A Country Thing

We used to
     eat outside.
Not because we welcomed
     all to join.
But we would not
     turn them away
     if they wished to.

     said, "join us"...
     A thousand dwellers—
     every dweller must
     pass by
     every dweller's dwelling
     at least once a day—
     yet it might've been
     jollof, four forks—
     mama, papa, nana, dada...
It was a country thing.

127. A flower's a flower
Jump to 127. A flower's a flower

     their nectar
     that draws
     the bees
     to them.
     brings them.
     makes them

But no flower
     a bee will come.
Nor who gets whom
     in a swarm of these.

Still they got
And flower
     go on to flower.
And what can man do
     without honey?

126. Pulse of Life
Jump to 126. Pulse of Life

To be
     is one.

To be

But the perfect pitch
     isn't mere music's
It's the pulse of life.

125. Nigeria 101
Jump to 125. Nigeria 101

What they needed
     was not another president.
But a good manager,
     a resourceful one.

122. The Bed
Jump to 122. The Bed

     is enemy
     of sleep.
The bed
     is not for

120. Water Gone
Jump to 120. Water Gone

     you can do
     that is gone.
But to look at it.
As far as you can see it.

119. Cry there
Jump to 119. Cry there

There's a time
     to cry.
     where affirmed,
Cry there.

118. In Our Head
Jump to 118. In Our Head

     does not
     increase the problem.
Isn't that great?
But our problems—
     their enormity
     in our head.

117. Voice not fingerprint
Jump to 117. Voice not fingerprint

It's your voice,
But does it sound
     your favorite author?
You've just shared their
     real estate
     of fans...

116. The Field of Life
Jump to 116. The Field of Life

In the field
     fetching firewood
     it was, "ba aga gne top."
But in the field of life,
     it isn't by strength
     but by strategy.
More by guile
     than by guts.

115. Tongue, Throat, Darkness
Jump to 115. Tongue, Throat, Darkness

The frogs
     can't keep
Hasn't God given them
     a tongue,
     a throat,
     a swamp?
Plus ten solid hours
     of darkness!

112. Dead. They found him.
Jump to 112. Dead. They found him.

"We thought he was fasting."
"Or in one of his moods."

When they
     opened his room door on the
     third day.

They found him.

They'd rather
     and assume
     they know what or how
     he was doing.

They never
     as simple as asked,
     "How're you doing?"
Just, "how're you doing?"

They found him.

111. Smile. For Me
Jump to 111. Smile. For Me

Only science
     smile is for you.
And proves
     a thousand ways
     it's free medicine.

     was created,
     not for you smiling,
     but for me needing you to smile.
For me.

110. Fiction Became
Jump to 110. Fiction Became

     parable, poem, proverb.
The tale.
Short story?
The novel came
     and fiction changed,

109. All for Taste
Jump to 109. All for Taste

     can use
     a bit of
     salt and pepper.
Because taste
     is never out of season.

107. On or under
Jump to 107. On or under

I know how
you'll answer...
Is it "on your foot?"
Or "under...?"

On or
depends where
we stand.

106. An Autobiography
Jump to 106. An Autobiography

It's not
     what I'm inclined
     to tell.
What I feel like.
It is
     what might
     about me,
     in case you know.
This I can tell.

105. Chew a Chili
Jump to 105. Chew a Chili

If you let
     that chili hit
     your trachea so hard it made you start,
Swallowing ice
     did not help.
Sipping straight
     water managed a little.
The pepper burned its course.
God wanted your

104. How About Your Head?
Jump to 104. How About Your Head?

That your head
     may not be full
     of it.
When it comes to
     see them as inherent.
Like talent,
     not things you worked for.

102. 12 Dreaming Hours
Jump to 102. 12 Dreaming Hours

8 hours is the sweet spot.
I'd kill for 10.
I need only half
     a day to be
     aware of what I must
     be aware of.
I want to spend the other half

98. Extraordinarily Speaking
Jump to 98. Extraordinarily Speaking

It's not
     who you are
     that makes you
     what you do.
Nor can you ever say
     you are.

97. Such a Man
Jump to 97. Such a Man

A father decides
     which name to
To front.
It's up to life
     to honor it.
Or not.

95. What She Said
Jump to 95. What She Said

All that
     fame and money
     for something she didn't work for?
"Cuz I got talent."
It's what she said.

94. The No Apple Child
Jump to 94. The No Apple Child

Each person's teeth
     decide their own
     cause of sensitivity.
You can't force
     that apple
on the child.

91. Group Three
Jump to 91. Group Three

     for about half of
     who did neither and can do neither,
     there's really
     only two divisions of people.
Those who read.
Those who don't.

90. Cardiac Arrest
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     doesn't bite to give you wound.
Or because it likes you bleeding.
A serpent
     knows the quality 
     of (sorry, potency of) its
To kill.

89. Those Two
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He thought
in the end
she'd say, "I fed you."
Words flew around.
How compatible—those two.

She thought
in the end
he'd brag, "I fed you."
Words flew around.
They never married—those two.

88. To Many
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God has created
the earth and gone
who knows where.
Gone whoever cares.
But Jesus,
known to have walked
this earth must be there,

85. Choice
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the moon doesn't
have to shine.
But the sun—
it has no

83. Boiled Yam
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It's not the salt
in the yam
that makes it
agreeable to the palate.
It's the salt
on the tongue
that does.
Salt the oil,
not the yam.

82. Person
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If your name
how much of it would you
I used to know one.

80. A Reconsideration
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we would live
we would come back
much stronger.
Better persons
than when we had
submitted to
If we would live

79. For a Few
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is luxury.
No wonder
there's the unending queue after it.
But the few
have a paradise of everlasting comfort.

77. How to Fuck
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you're mature
you know there's things
you don't take to market.
A lot.

Like how you
your husband.

Everyone learns
in their rooms.
No one needs taught

76. Tuna Guy
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Whenever the guy
needs tuna,
he'll come to the marketplace.
You need not bother him.

OK, you may
occasionally seek
ways to let him know you, too, sell tuna.
But don't let that bother him.

Whenever he needs
he'll come to the marketplace.

Now when he does
whether he enters your shop or not,
can't be decided by you.
Maybe chance. Maybe God.

But when he comes again
for tuna—
heck what can he do without tuna—
whether he buys from you or not,
can be decided by you.
Not chance. Not God.

73. Americans
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Japan had to be
conquered by America
for peace sake.
Soon we'll all be
conquered by America,
that is, every nation.
But we'll not all become
We'll all be

72. How to write
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If you knew
they always bring a why
to every text written,
would you give an answer only?
Why another waste
of a precious flow of

71. How to read
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No book should be read.
Reading's not a time-fill,
No way to idle.
Bring a why, your why -
dig in.

69. What the Facebook?
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When they were
tamable, she
used rubber bullets.
The kids.
They're grownups now.
She needs AK-47's.

All she needed
was the good tongue—
She gave that all away to
What the f... damn!

66. Your Enemy
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Being in hiding
is not the same as
being concealed.
You can be sure you're hiding.
But you're only as
concealed as you're
not noticed.
Know how your enemy sees.
And see what they know.

64. Future U
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Each trade is
its own school.
Military military.
Business business.
Unique to each one
is each one's needs.

63. So is trust
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is continuous."
The slightest shift
is the difference between
life and death.
So is trust.

62. Path, when?
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Your path
must be as the Sun's.
24 hours, right?
Never stopping.
For all the clouds in her path.
Till East meets West.

61. Living Man
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So untroubled
are the dead.
I looked my father in the face—
that was my father—was
And I realized
how much deadness
can benefit living man.
Living man.

60. Died in peace
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You can still
sing her her favorite
Even if she
won't hear most of it,
or know you did.
You know she knew
you sang her a song—
her favorite—before...
You know she knew.

58. Loneliness
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Death may be lonely,
I don't know—
who'll tell me?

But the thought
of dying,
O what could be more

Or dying.
This I know.

57. Passing
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is lesson
for living.
No, you're not dying today
but it's possible anyway.

56. A Thousand Sparrows
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The heat
from whiskey is good.
The heart
needs it.
The chest, too.
The burst of joy watching
a thousand sparrows
flying in a thousand places
from your persimmon tree.
You clapped your hands.

55. Enryo
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Everyone is embryo.
A few fetuses
here and there.
A few children.
Not a single adult
We the children then
must live and die
in the spirit of enryo.

54. Embryos
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is Japanese.
It looks like
English is strange,
Everyone is embryo.

53. Japan & Nigeria
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There's a city
by the name of Ondo.
It is on Hiroshima.
There's a suburb, Kuje,
and farmers there.
In Abuja.

52. How Old Is God?
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breeds contempt.


It comes down to
Give me a billion years.

If you value someone
she never outstays
her welcome.

51. Sugar
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You must be sure
what makes it sweet
before you eat it.
Eat it.
In this particular
God is low on variety;
or I'm yet to know.
Eat it.

50. Think Hiroshima
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It has happened.
it's passed.
But pride is not.
Think Hiroshima
to cool every flame
of pride.

49. Never was
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We cannot
grasp good fully
before we have accepted evil.
The other way about.

It starts with
accepting man is not in charge here.
Never was.
Never can.
Never will.

48. Nigeria, 2015
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Better is
stale air you can endure
"fresh air" that chokes you.
I almost died!

Better yet is
air that isn't.

47. Love: Birdsong
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Those who haven't
heard it call it,

Those familiar with it
won't admit
it is not.

To everyone then it is

46. Fog & Rain
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Why write a
"long" poem,
when you can write a short story?

Why a
"long" short story,
why not a novel?

45. Quietness
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is an illusion;
the insomniac cricket
being one of a million reasons.

42. I am...
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If you want to tell
a tiring story
tell it in the first-person.
Add salt'n pepper.

41. A Redesign
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When life was
the hero was

When life got
the hero isn't,
the villain.

40. One More Escape
Jump to 40. One More Escape

One more escape
is reserved for each of us.
We just don't know
when we make it.

We just don't know
when we'll make it.
But if
we make it.

We just don't know
how we made it.
We just know
we'll make it.

39. Talkatives
Jump to 39. Talkatives

The world knows only
two that are not talkatives.
The unborn.
The dead.

We all would be talkatives
had we been born;
had we not died.
Had they not said,
"Shut up, you talk too much!"

38. The Eighth Day
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When you see
a child despise plan,
you let 'em have disorder.
It's what God saw on
the Eighth Day.

37. Stakes
Jump to 37. Stakes

Only one thing
we each must stake.
It is not a picket.

you don't pin it
you don't win it.
All we have.

36. Nieces
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When a parent
a child

Nothing you can do about it.

The child continues
till it picks itself.

That is, from the parent's

Or it perpetuates the cycle of

If death doesn't stop 'em.

34. That's a Woman
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Pencil on ear,
     pad in pocket.
The streets.
Not a mad woman.

     always stirs in the brain.
That's a woman
who retrieves it all.

33. A Good Writer
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A good writer
will read a million words
to right one.
She's possessed of
an insecurity that is good,

27. Life Companion
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Better to feel a
sharp pain
that goes away.
Some die from it.

Than a
dull pain
that lasts a lifetime.
I've lived with one.

26. Fair Trade
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The contract with the reader
is value.
Or time.
You need my time,
I'll ask for value.

25. Risk Is
Jump to 25. Risk Is

Risk is
that yellow road
with fresh leaves,
Everyone knows it.
No one takes it.

24. Argue
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whenever you can.
Just be sure it leaves a sweetness
in your mouth.

22. Pepper
Jump to 22. Pepper

Pepper is
an English word.
But it's as hot as Adam
thought it was, as wicked.
Everyone is shrunken.

21. Ebola
Jump to 21. Ebola

used to be for sick people.
You knew who
a doctor
Not one who cured the sick
but shunned by the well.

19. Every Woman
Jump to 19. Every Woman

A song calls you
to sing her.

A poem
to speak her.

to read her.

A beautiful prose.
A beautiful poem.
A beautiful song.

Every woman
has her way.
None to deny
her day.

18. Watch TV
Jump to 18. Watch TV

There's nothing wrong with
if it's what you do.
There's everything wrong with
if it's all you do.

There's nothing wrong with
if it's what you do.
There's everything wrong with
if it's all you do.

17. Want to Live
Jump to 17. Want to Live

Reading makes you
want to write. No.
Yes, writing makes you
want to read.

Both make you
want to live.
Neither makes you
want to live.

16. Mistake is
Jump to 16. Mistake is

You cannot kill your
nor forget 'em.
Nor should you parade
it—your shame.
You can only keep
It's the fragrance of
a metal.
Mistake is.

15. Business
Jump to 15. Business

God created love.
Or made love.
But God,
they also let man
have business.
Man made business.

God created love.
Man made business.

14. Useful
Jump to 14. Useful

"Let's work together,"
he says.
Think, when did he remember you?
You're useful.
We all are
and can be used.

13. Dark Out There
Jump to 13. Dark Out There

"Gosh, these tiny things
give painful bites
but you never see 'em!"
God's reminding you
it's still dark out there.

12. Be Deep
Jump to 12. Be Deep

We're all trying to
look deep.
That is, so as not to look shallow.
Why not then to be deep?

11. God's Purpose
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Angels do not applaud
for every mosquito you kill;
but they also work out
God's purpose—life.

10. Oatmeal
Jump to 10. Oatmeal

Oatmeal has her own thing.
But the sweetness of sugar
isn't letting it through.
And sugar has nothing
but to be sweet.

3. It's Tough
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Whenever you say, "it's tough,"
you can say it again.
Isn't it because you can?

Silence is golden