These are the Sayings of Kabolobari

At Home in Sayings

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Title Piece

153. At home, still
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In a world where man
worships man, I
could never accept,
so I... for "male and female
he created them", them.

152. Good v. Better
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Better is man's talk.
And it's silly.
Everything is good.
And will always be.
Best never been.
Or is yet to come?

151. They did
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If you could not 
     write your spouse 
a poem and got 
AI to write them one, 
     they did, 
you did not.

150. Enigma man
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You can never get man.
You're either too stupid
or you find them
even more... O,
the more you look
the less you see?

149. Man, who woke you up?
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Units not nations.
not competition.
not control...
Fuck control!

not debates.
not monarchs...
Man, who woke
you up?

146. Demagogracy?
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Democracy, demagogcracy?
It takes election
to make one but
let the people choose that
you may know
what they want.

145. Fellow Nigerians
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They want their governor
wearing khakis and boots,
and a whip. No, they don't
wanna be disciplined,
ordered, not order, they
wanna be flogged
to function.

141. The powerful talk
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I've learned that
to get the powerful
to talk, you got to
respect them.
Speak respectfully,
just happens to be
the best way to
disrespect them.
Far from their ire
when they fire.

139. Gods with a prick
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Who told you they love freedom?
They want a God they can
see, feel, and when
he dies (with his prick),
They always find another
(with a prick).

138. Gowon's Gun
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Go on with one Nigeria
they sang that they
may be spared of
Gowon's Gun,
only to sing it again,
one last time, before it
killed 'em all.

137. Freedom, yeah!
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Only two ways to gain
your freedom from man -
1. never need it
2. never need it
again. #2 will always wish
for #1 and 1 may
never know.

133. Gods of Men
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I believe there's God. 
Haven't seen him, though. 
Or heard him. But, I've 
     seen and heard
WF. Kumuyi!

132. Call it DC.
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Empire is only as big as
it's crown,
     it's government house, 
     it's capital city. 
Let the fallen tell you 
how tiny Rome was.

131. Standardization
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Standardization does
not need a nation;
nations, people, peoples,
a market, markets,
the free market; for
when the market is free,
it'll tell you what to do.

130. King Charles IDK
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Mom, when're you dying?
Don't I have to be king?
Really? Wishing your
mom dead? Why?
Didn't you ask dad that?
Well, he's dead now.

129. The Flag
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Kill me first and
let my dead body
wave your stupid
flag. Wait, was
that I? Ask.

128. Because why?
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Do nothing
without knowing why
you do it, and
when you do, do
because or despite.
Then again,

126. The poor you...
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Why are they poor?
Why not, isn't it written 
They'll always be 
     with you?
You who? 
What happened to the lands
     owned by who
can only own them, forever?
So their poverty is the will
of the people,
     what they
will they will have, forever.

125. Not Capital-ism
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Free market is free
market, not capital-
ism. The peoples
agreed on the money
but chose not
to print it. 
They went back
to their crops. 

123. Not stupidity
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Likes not desires.
Desires not customs.
Customs not cultures.
Cultures not traditions.
Traditions not superstitions.
Superstitions not societies.
Societies not nations.
Damn, nations
not stupidity.

121. The Bully
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The (school) bully
is the parent.
Yes, you can add s
to that. But never
amen to that
Cain had to kill
someone and
something must kill
a man.

118. Kings
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What do kings do?
Kill kings, none kings
stay king, then
killed by kings,
none kings,

116. Catherine the Great
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Murdering psychopaths
control freaks they'll
call the Great.
Why? Why not?
Aren't they all man?
Male and female
he created them.

114. Ask King George
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You can't own a plant
you can only
take care of them.
You can't own animal
you can only
take care of them.
What about man?
O, ask King George of
the America.

113. Naked. Indeed
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Identity is war,
to identify to die,
to will to kill,
who told you
you were
naked? Indeed.

112. The Solomons
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When a father
(with a prick)
names their son
(with a prick)

what part of
(that other prick)
do they want
them to be?

Your answer
to yourself.

110. Speaking of peppercorns
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If you jiggle long enough,
the pan large enough
     round enough, 
all them enough,
all peppers will line up
     black or white, 
as long as they’re called 
they all 
make room for each other, 
all of them

109. ITYOOL 2024!
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"Design and Quality
IKEA of Sweden
Made in Thailand."
Where Thailand is...
not (in) Europe!
I wrote this piece
in the year of
our Lord

108. It/It
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Since I'm neither he/him
nor she/her I must be
they/them, right?
What happened
to it/it? It/It?
Yes, it/it.

105. Greed
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Greed is at
     the end of
all good intentions—
     you can get there
     fast, if
you want.

99. The idea of man
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If Europe is right about Africa
what a stupid idea man is.
If Africa is right about Europe
what a stupid idea man is.

98. Where Canada is...
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Canada (you know the one)
was built by angels
(you know the ones).
No wonder every Nigerian
wants to move

94. One last ass to lick
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They must have a president.
Man, usually with penis,
as they can't do without an
ass to lick, at least one
big ass to lick. 

93. Do better
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Don't suppress the symptoms.
Repress the cause.
Don't feel better because
you feel better.
You think you’re better.
Feel better because
you are better, be

91. Still evolving
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They want to be random and
     reap order as reward.
Isn't that why they evolved
from the apes?
Wait, where are they going?

90. Do the history
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Why learn history if
all you can do
with it is learn
from history?
Why not do the history
or dump it?
Why not both?

88. Yeah, that one
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If who calls the shot
was first to get shot
no one would get shot.
O, except one,
yeah, that one.

86. It is written...
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Japheth has dragged
Shem and Ham into the war,
their wars, world,
these bloody sons of Noah,
the latter for the former,
to fight, to perish,
for it is written...

85. State the trap
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You will know the truth,
and the truth will set you free.
Then you will know the law
and be trapped
in the state.

83. Sons of Japheth
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Some among them, I hear
called it irresponsible use -
the bomb, you know the one.

What I did not hear them
ask is why was it built, no,
why was it even conceived?

Wait, wait, I know, I know,...
It's Japheth again, sons of
Japheth and a 120 years.

77. Profit v. Principles
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P in profit
is not principles.
(Like part of it.)
It's the price you pay
to have it, since
you cannot eat
your cake and
have it.

75. What tree?
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If I stab you in the chest
and you die, would you
know I did? Would you
feel the pain?

If a tree falls somewhere
and you're not around there,
did it make a sound?
Did you hear it?

74. One for me, one for you
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Don't tell me how to live.
Show me how not to die.
Then I shall hear you
while I live, even if
you would die - one
for me, for you.

72. Necessary v. Evil
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Better be necessary
or be evil, not both.
And if you could choose
go with the evil

for there's good excuse
with the latter than
the both, the
necessary evil.

71. The Satans
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Being Trump is easy.
Staying Trump
not so much.

It's the difference between
the Satan and the ones
for them.

70. The Genius Man
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If you know what is wrong
with everyone else
you don't know
what is wrong with you.

If you can fix everyone else
you can fix yourself well,
into rot.

62. Africa
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They partitioned you
for their good. They
keep you divided
for their mood.
For good and mood
you are

58. What to burn
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You can't stop the sun
from shining, from
burning. But,
you can show its heat
where to go, what
to do, what to
burn, what not.

51. Exactly
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If you did even a quarter
of the work this blender
does you'd make
2x as much noise
as it does so
shut up! Wait,
why'd I say that?

50. Dunno morrow
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I missed the preview to
my funeral
yesterday. Had I
seen it, I'd do all I can
today not to, but I
dunno morrow.

48. Look ahead
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Looking up makes you dumb.
Looking down numb.
Look by all means
but ahead, as the eye
wants to be led.

47. When I start
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I stopped sleeping
days ago, years...
When I start,
no one should
wake me up! But,
how can I start
when no one
can wake me up?

46. Waking up
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My brain has forgotten
how to sleep, but I'm
going there to
wake it up...
You're what?

41. All flesh
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They made flesh delicious.
Now they're hooked
on it. They need a
war on flesh. Flesh?
Aren't they all

39. I, II, III
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If we trusted each other
even a 1/4 as much as
we MZ & friends
we would have no
I, II, or III, I think.

34. Religion of politics
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Religion is what we
got from listening
to what we thought
we heard. Politics
from listening
to what we want
to hear.

25. Neither cheap nor expensive
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Don't say it's expensive.
Say you can't afford it,
yet. Or say,
you don't have a budget
for it, not yet.

Don't say it's cheap.
Say you don't fancy it,
yet. Or say,
you don't need it,
no, not yet.

22. To be done with it
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...and let them fill
the earth
but not in a hurry
to do so, for to
do so in a hurry
is to know not what
to do afterward, for
to the filling of things
there's no end, and
to do so in a hurry
is to fill up too soon,
and to be done
with it."

19. Touching God
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When you have lived
long enough with man,
you would celebrate
the absence
of God; you would almost
touch the presence of
their invisibility.

15. Center trouble
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Be centered but
have no center,
for as soon
as you do, all
will emanate from
it, including
a lot of your

14. Soft one
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The earth has kept, and
shall keep, these many
years because
it has no center, only
a periphery, a soft one.

13. To death
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To win is to ready
for revenge, to lose
to keep fighting
till death do us in.

12. Doom gloom v. Bloom boom
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Is it doom and gloom
because the Bible says so,
or is it doom and gloom
because the Bible says so?

Can we bloom and boom
because we can bloom and boom,
or can we bloom and boom
because we can bloom and boom?

10. Singing for cocoa
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They took the butter out
to make another other.
It was complete before
they did. But, should
you bring back the butter,
the fat, the oil, the sheen
the luxury making,
you'd love your drink.
Enjoil your cocoa.

7. Take a while
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Take a while to cook
Take a while to eat
Take a while to digest
Take a while to die.

If it all takes a while
it'll all take a while.

5. At home
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I chose home because
Unacceptable was
a lot above. But
would below be
better? Could I
know before I go?
Would I know?

4. Still a tomato
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The tomato is
not spoiling. It is
fighting spoilage.
It tries enough
for you until it gives
up and returns
to the soil, from where
it returns to you as
still a tomato.

3. When it's time
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Private is different
than secret is
Private judicious.
For every seed
when it’s time.

1. Great Power
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With great power comes great
stupidity, and to learn from
history is to be
broken by it.

Silence is golden